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Will 'Occupy' Affect This Year's Christmas Shopping?
2011-12-13 01:49
Written by Scott Goodson
Asian stocks hit by threat of Europe downgrades (Reuters)
2011-12-13 01:48
Reuters - Asian stocks sank on Tuesday and the euro languished near a two-month low as investors took fright at the prospect of mass euro zone sovereign ratings downgrades after the outcome of a "last chance" European Union summit failed to convince markets
Lee Enterprises Files for Bankruptcy Protection
2011-12-13 01:48
Lee Enterprises said it would extend deadlines to repay about $1 billion in debt, and will emerge from bankruptcy protection within months
S.E.C. Files Suit to Recoup Losses in Stanford Fraud Case
2011-12-13 01:48
In 2009, federal authorities seized Stanford Financial, and the S.E.C. described the company in a court filing as a "massive Ponzi scheme
As the Telecom World Turns Chapter 2: Harbinger, Falcone, Sprint and Clearwire
2011-12-13 01:33
Only hours after I wrote about the doings at AT&T and T Mobile, there is far juicier fare in the news now. If you have been following the Sprint/Clearwire saga over the last several months, you know that the Sprint folks had become quite enamored with LightSquared as an important source of future funding and a possible source of some badly needed additional spectrum.
British Premier, Cameron, Defends Veto on Europe Treaty
2011-12-13 01:33
Prime Minister David Cameron said that he had acted to protect Britain’s interests and that he had not consigned the country to Europe’s sidelines
Steve Jobs' Last Big Failure: iAds
2011-12-13 01:31
In recent years, it seemed that Steve Jobs could do no wrong. Whether it was the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad--you name it--the late Apple cofounder and chairman had the golden touch.
Medtronic Agrees to $23.5 Million Settlement in Kickback Case
2011-12-13 01:23
The government contended that Medtronic had solicited doctors for studies as a way to get them to use its devices
On the Road: Pleasures Return on a Long Train Trip
2011-12-13 01:23
Missing from train travel is the sense of being ordered by crew members around and subjected to pat-downs
Marriott in Deal to Reduce Energy Use at Hotels
2011-12-13 01:20
Marriott will save on electric bills and also earn incentive payments from utilities as a reward for its conservation efforts during peak periods, like heat waves
Frequent Flier: After a Fainting Spell, Learning to Fly Again
2011-12-13 01:20
Jes Gordon, an event producer and an operator of a design firm, discusses how she bounced back after an emergency airplane landing
Google Acquisition of Motorola Delayed in Europe
2011-12-13 01:17
The European Commission has asked for additional documents on the $12.5 billion deal, and said it would restart its inquiry once they were received
Crowdsourcing Innovation In New York City: Cornell v Stanford
2011-12-13 01:11
I know Mayor Bloomberg did not use the 21st century word "crowdsourcing" this past July in his innovation initiative speech.  He talked instead in old-speak, about providing "infrastructure upgrades" and enabling a "critical mass" of talent to allow New York City to reclaim "our title as the world capital of technological innovation."
U.S. Judge Grants Delay in Challenge to AT&T; Deal
2011-12-13 01:10
A federal judge on Monday agreed to delay the Justice Department’s challenge to the proposed merger of AT&T; and T-Mobile USA
Canada Leaving Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change
2011-12-13 01:10
In announcing the decision, government officials indicated that the possibility of huge fines for Canada’s failure to meet greenhouse gas emissions targets had played a role
Recession Crimped Incomes of the Richest Americans
2011-12-13 01:07
The share of income received by the top 1 percent fell to 17 percent in 2009 from 23 percent in 2007
Interactive: Imagining 2076: Connect Your Brain to the Internet
2011-12-13 01:04
An interactive, crowd-sourced timeline looks into the future and envisions a wealth of life-altering technological innovation
News of the World May Not Be Behind Deleted Messages, Police Say
2011-12-13 01:02
The London police said an investigator for Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World did not delete a missing girl’s voice mail, an episode that caused an uproar and led to the tabloid’s end
Occupy protesters disrupt West Coast port operations - Detroit Free Press
2011-12-13 01:01
Top economists reveal their graphs of 2011
2011-12-13 01:00
Economists reveal graphs that had biggest impact on them this year
Intel Sees Opportunity in Shortage of Drives
2011-12-13 00:58
The chip maker said fourth-quarter revenue would be lower than expected because of shortages of hard drives as a result of flooding in Thailand
Advertising: Chocolate Maker Perugina Resumes Ads in the United States
2011-12-13 00:53
The Italian chocolate maker Perugina stopped advertising in America more than a decade ago, after Nestlé acquired it
An Alarming Greek Contingency: What if It Drops the Euro?
2011-12-13 00:50
A growing number of legal and financial experts, to say nothing of the Greeks themselves, are examining in detail what would happen if Greece abandoned the euro
No Hit Toy to Brighten Retailers’ Christmas
2011-12-13 00:49
Without a hot toy, retailers are stocking less, leaning on classic items and possibly discounting less in the final days before Christmas
Stocks & Bonds: Rating Agency Warnings Bring Down the Markets
2011-12-13 00:47
The market euphoria over last week’s deal by European leaders to shore up the euro currency union succumbed to a darker mood Monday
Take Away the Teleprompters
2011-12-13 00:43
FTSE, CAC, DAX to Open Flat; Credit Ratings Warnings Weigh -
2011-12-13 00:25
Oil hovers below $98 amid Europe economy concerns (AP)
2011-12-13 00:25
AP - Oil prices hovered below $98 a barrel Tuesday in Asia as traders mulled how much Europe's debt crisis will hurt the continent's economic growth and crude demand
Former WaMu execs agree to settle FDIC lawsuit: report
2011-12-13 00:13
- Former Washington Mutual Inc executives agreed to settle a lawsuit for less than 10 percent of the $900 million originally sought by the FDIC for their role in the biggest bank failure in U.S. history, the Wall Street Journal said, citing people familiar with the situation.
Fed likely to stay on sidelines at policy meeting (Reuters)
2011-12-13 00:02
Reuters - The Federal Reserve is likely to hold off offering the U.S. economy fresh stimulus at a meeting on Tuesday as it weighs encouraging signs on the recovery against risks coming from Europe.