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Quote's stock information (ez Stock Exchange service)

ez Stock Exchange gives you information elements that will allow you to establish your selection criteria. The Stock quote history is the chronological report of the company's behavior. With the annual history you are able to look back in perspective to trends of stock quotes that are of some interest going upward or downward.
What it is related to an enterprise activity or the tight relation that can exist between different stock values will become easier to find. Once your selection concerning a quote is done, you are then ready to follow it more closely, to confirm your prognostics. That is when monthly history takes all its sense.

  • The data is available in different formats (Raw data, unified data, correlation ready, calulated correlation)
  • Right now, North American stock exchange are available like: New York, AMEX, Vancouver, Toronto, OTC, NASDAQ (NM + GM).
  • Historical and up to date data for the current year are available.
  • The strong asset is the power to organize the data in such a way that will help you focus your attention to the relevant part of the stock market of your interest.
  • If you have any specific needs, contact us and we'll do the maximum to satisfy your needs. ez Stock Exchange already has the data, it's pretty easy to manufacture different views. We specialize in data processing.
  • You don't pay us for the data (this data is available everywhere, like newspapers and magazines), you pay us to organize and process the data in such a way that only the relevant information, for you, is presented.
  • All Stock quotes data files are compressed into a zip format. They are password protected. When placing an order, you will receive the link to the file and the password to unzip it
Stock Market Quotes

Stock Market Quotes data is available in many format for your needs.

Raw data
  • Stock quotes information are into one CSV file (one file per Quote).
  • The file name is the symbol of the company.
  • The easiest way to follow the progression of one specific Stock Market Quote.
  • Each CSV file has the following information (in this order) : Date, Open *, High *, Low *, Close, Volume *
free stock quotes data - Raw data

Unified data
  • All individual CSV files are merged together in one huge CSV file.
  • Perfect to upload in a database.
  • To be viewed in a spreadsheet, it's separated at 64 000 lines by file.
  • The CSV file has the following information (in this order) : Symbol, Stock market, Date, Open *, High *, Low *, Close, Volume *
free stock quotes - Unified data

Correlation ready
  • One CSV file contains all the information of the individual CSV files
  • All information is synchronized in time for all the symbols.
  • The information is built in the form of a matrix.
  • Top row contains the dates of the year.
  • The left column contains the symbols.
  • The data in the matrix (the middle of the matrix) contains the quote at the closure time of the day (top row).
  • Very useful to find matches between stock quotes or calculate correlation coefficients (link between companies).
free stock quotes - Correlation ready

Correlation calculated

ez Stock Exchange offers stock quote correlation. The stock exchange correlation is the statistical information indicating the relationship between two quotes. We use the stock market data to offer you the statistical information between two quotes with a time lag of 1 day. This is a genuine decision support tool to empower your investments choices.

Also, we give you information which is not available anywhere else, like the statistic correlated factor between two companies with one day delay. This information allows a better aim at what interests your own selection criteria.

  • We bring the last file (correlation ready) to the next level for you.
  • One file contains all possible Stock Quotes Correlation between companies within one stock market.
  • Only the relevant coefficients are listed (highly positive or highly negative).
  • Correlation coefficient is calculated with a time lag (delay).
  • What is the correlation between the company A (Monday) and the company B, the next day (Tuesday) will the company A affect (up or down) the company B tomorrow ?
Free stock quotes - Correlation calculated