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Stock Quote Correlation

Is there a relation between the stock prices of two quotes? The Stock Quotes Correlation analysis attempts to measure the strength of such relationships by means of a single number varying between -1 to 1 called correlation coefficient.

  • +1.0 is a perfect match (if one quote goes up, the other one follow).
  • -1.0 is perfect negative (inverse) correlation (if one quote goes down, the other one go up).
  • 0.0 is no correlation (random).

Correlation formula

Correlation formula

ez Stock Exchange offers you the Stock Quotes Correlation with a lag of 1 day . It's means for example, if analysis show for one quote price "A" given the price up and for the day after one quote price "B" given the price down in 85% of time during a long period. You have 85% probability that the same pattern happens 8 times out of 10 for the next 10 days.

We offer this decision support tool to empower your decision in give you only the relevant coefficients (highly positive or highly negative) ±0.75 and higher.

Daily updates of the raw data is coming soon.
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